Linux Event Analyzer

Many programmers who develop programs for Linux based products are equally unaware of the complexity of the system upon which they run. Unfortunately for them, blissful ignorance is far less of a novelty for programmers than rock stars. Here is why. A typical Linux based system consists of tens of millions of lines of code that are distributed among the static kernel, loadable device drivers, middleware, and multiple applications. Furthermore, such system can dynamically create and destroy a large number of processes and threads during execution.

While Linux provides memory protection for user mode programs to ensure that a failure within a process does not impact another, it is a practical matter that Linux processes are semantically dependent on one another. Therefore, a defect in any given software component, or by any given thread of execution can lead to systemic failure. The Viosoft Linux Event Analyzer (or LEA) gives developers the ability to visualize and understand the complex interactions among different software components and execution contexts. Key aspects of LEA that makes it ideal for production use include:

On demand activation
No modification to the kernel required
Minimal impact on performance and foot print
Fully integrated with the Eclipse IDE

Difficult performance issues or system defects sometimes take days to manifest. With LEA, simply activate trace on a running system