Multicore Debug & Profile

With Moore’s Law and the law of physics destined for a collision course, multi-core has been one of the approaches taken by processor designers to prolong this inevitable finale. The number of cores is increasing at a steady pace, and is predicted to be on a growth chart not too unlike that of CPU clock speed over the last 20 years.

To take full advantage of multi-core, an application distributes its workload among threads, which synchronize execution and data access with locks and semaphores.

The proliferation of multi-core has given rise to a number of deployment models utilizing Linux or a combination of Linux and RTOS’s for which traditional debugging techniques are poorly equipped to handle. Arriba provides an adaptive debugging and profiling methodology that is tailor made for the complex multi-core hardware/software environments.

Empowered by its ability to simultaneously stop and debug all cores, or trace through the execution of a single thread while the rest of the system is executing at full speed, multi-core software developers who leverage Arriba in their software development process can rapidly benefit from shorter development cycles and achieve higher product quality.

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