Time To Market

It’s well known that a reduction in time to market coupled with a sustained time in market equals higher profitability and profit margins for any given product.

Companies wishing to develop products based on embedded Linux face an interesting and challenging dichotomy: how to harness the power and diversity of Linux and open source software while avoiding the complexities entailed with Linux based software development.

Time to Market
(Source: http://innovationcreators.com/wp/?p=7)

Viosoft believes that cutting edge development tools with unique debugging and analysis capabilities are mandatory in meeting this challenge. The Arriba product family is premised on enabling our customers’ time to market and time in market around the following concepts:

Identifying systemic defects
Addressing product quality issues in development and deployment
Minimizing learning curve and cycle of adoption

For over a decade, our customers’ experiences have helped validate these time tested benefits. To learn more, contact us for a copy of our white paper on how to improve your time to and in market.