Lower Costs of Total Ownership

Linux is literally a jungle. Combine your favorite color with a common household pet or clothing item, and you have better than a 50% chance of coming up with the name of a bonafide, real life Linux distribution.

Costs of Ownership

The Arriba Product Family is integrated with a number of leading JTAG devices, allowing companies to leverage their current tools infrastructure, while benefiting from many unique and productivity enhancing features, such as:

•Stop & run mode debugging
•Simultaneous control of target with JTAG, VMON2 agent, or both
•Application level debugging over JTAG

Bundled with the cross compiled GNU toolchain and (with the Embedded Linux Edition) the Linux kernel distribution and filesystem, Arriba is ready for use out of the box.

Alternatively, Arriba can be integrated seamlessly into the toolchain and kernel version that your organization has standardized on, protecting your investment in Linux kernel development and quality assurance.

Arriba, it’s our tools on your Linux!