About Viosoft

The accelerating power and complexity of RISC processors are rewriting the rules of embedded software development. In the changing climate of shorter product lifecycles and increasing time to market pressures, developers face the daunting task of continuing to deliver great products that exceed customers’ expectations. Since 1997, Viosoft® has been offering innovative solutions to tackle these challenges.

Embedded Development Solutions - Advancements in microprocessor technologies are redefining the boundaries of embedded systems. The same raw processing power available in desktop computers a few years ago is now pervasive in all class of embedded devices — industrial controls, networking, handheld and wireless. Embedded customers demand design and development solutions that help them bring products to market faster than their competitors, and with higher quality and reliability. That’s what Viosoft delivers: breakthrough technologies that help customers build cutting edge products! One example is our embedded development solutions that enable customers to create, debug, and deploy large scale embedded software on leading RISC microprocessors using a variety of popular and widely available connectivity options. By providing a single integrated environment with the same consistent look and feel and usability across different host and target platforms, the Arriba® Development Suite helps customers reduce time to market and achieve competitive advantage through the ability to rapidly switch among target platforms in maximizing product price/performance.

Embedded Linux Development Solutions - Widespread adoption of Linux in embedded devices translates to a demand for a robust debugger and development tools that are delivered at the highest level of integration. Viosoft’s embedded Linux development tools include full, royalty free source code of the embedded Linux kernel, bundled with a state of the art debugger, cross toolchains, and productivity tools, all integrated in a modern easy to use graphical environment. Available on both Windows and Linux hosts, Viosoft’s products are positioned to deliver complete debugging coverage of device drivers and applications utilizing threads and shared libraries, from a single debug connection over high speed Ethernet. Combined with Viosoft’s unique pricing policy aimed at achieving parity between software and platform costs, Viosoft’s products for embedded Linux empower more developers worldwide with low cost and high quality embedded development tools.

Founded in 1996, Viosoft is privately held and based in Campbell, California with sales and development offices in Massachusetts, Texas, Minnesota, and Southern California.