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Virtualized Mobile Network

Virtualized mobile network

Cloud RAN is based on two tenets: centralization and virtualization of base station baseband processing

— Frank Rayal

Web-scale 5G network emulator and reference design suitable for development/deployment, dimensioning, and end-to-end testing & validation.

Dronava is a flexible and scalable emulator for 5G Networks. It supports thoudsands of UEs, multiple EnodeBs and EPC with fully LTE protocol stacks. The flexible design allows to deploy various scenarios with different sets of Enodebs and UEs on both local and cloud environment. Dronava also provides media services such as IMS and VoLTE. Moreover, the integration with popular traffic generator and testing system tools based on DPDK such as TRex or PROX/DATs enables the extremely high traffic performance testing.

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